New Show: ‘Lenny Schmidt’s Quarantine Comedy’

Comedian and actor Lenny Schmidt is bringing the funny. Even in the middle of quarantine. He’s got a new project he’s very cleverly titled: Lenny Schmidt’s Quarantine Comedy. (We kid because we love!) It’s a great title!

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Here’s what we dig about the show. Yes, it’s fun and funny. Yes, it features some the funniest performers in stand-up. But it’s also a testament to a legit “can do” attitude. Fantastic. When you’re a comedian and nationwide lockdowns take away the comedy clubs, you can sit around crying about it or you can start an incredibly fun show of your own. That’s what Lenny did. We dig that. It’s a great show. Good on ya!

Now there are lots of hilarious episodes, but we thought we’d kick it off with this one…with guest Michael Loftus…for no reason in particular…just picked one at random….

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  1. Paul Hair says:

    Excellent show, and Lenny had some great things to say about the site!

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