Pressure Mounts on Biden to Resign for Playing Video Games during National Crises

Pressure mounts on communist Joe Biden to resign from the presidency, which he stole, following revelations that he’s been playing video games during winter storms ravishing many parts of the country, lockdowns that are destroying American lives, and other crises that are going on across the nation.

Journalists recently hailed Biden for playing video games at Camp David while the nation suffers through natural disasters and the consequences of the communist regime’s lockdowns and intentional destruction of America. But sources say this revelation is becoming increasingly problematic for the tyrannical regime.

“Biden and the Democrats infuriated over half of America when they stole the presidential election,” a high-ranking source who is totally not made up said on condition of anonymity. “And now at least three quarters of America is enraged with his absolutely abominable rule of the country. Playing video games while people suffer? Just terrible.”

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Another completely real source who for sure exists agreed. “The regime has bumbled into one disaster after another,” she said. “And there’s now trouble brewing within Biden’s closest ranks. People are starting to discuss ways in which they can convince him to resign. Pressure is mounting.”

Biden’s approval rating continues to plummet as he shows how much he hates America. The latest poll that is definitely not fabricated reveals the number is hovering around 5%.

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