Live CPAC Updates. Any Fireworks? We Shall See.

Want to check in with CPAC 2021? We got ya covered. Links to all the action? Yup. PLUS, TLP’s own Cranky Gordon was there in person! And we’ve included some of his tweets right here.

So here’s the big question: Will there be fireworks? We shall see.

Yes, they have Trump speaking this weekend and we know the Donald is familiar with bringing the heat, but what about the rest of the line up? Do they know how to fire up the base? That’s the 900-pound elephant in the conference room.

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Can somebody bring the political heat? Anybody? Or is it just Trump?

There’s a debate about the future of the GOP. Will it remain old school, politics as usual or will they embrace a more America First stance? The answer is simple. America First. It’s the only way. Everyone in the party knows it too.

The ONLY way to bring more voters to your side is to actually represent them and their needs. It’s not rocket science. The only thing left to decide is how long it will take the brainiacs to realize this and how long they’ll squabble over who’s going to be on what committee, blah blah blah. In other words, “Who will have the power?”

We’re very interested to see just how long this process will take. Hint: The shorter the better. The first party to actually deliver results for the American people will win. It’s that simple. So will someone step up at CPAC and light a firework that excites the base? Let’s find out. The fireworks are there. America is ready. Someone just needs to be smart enough to light ’em up.

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