‘The Expanse:’ The Best Show I Almost Missed

That was the trailer for The Expanse–the best show I almost missed. Maybe you did too. Today we’re going to remedy that. Oh, I should add that this trailer is from 2015…ouch. I should also add that The Expanse originally aired on the SYFY Channel. Who knew? Not me. I found it on Amazon! WTF?

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Here’s the problem: We live in the golden age of television. We really do. There is just so much absolutely great TV out there it’s hard to find it all. I almost missed this one completely! Scary! Why didn’t anyone tell me? I love good sci-fi and The Expanse is waaaay better than good, it’s great!

That’s not hyperbole either. It’s legit great. Great story. Great cast. Great effects. All of it! If you’re like me and you almost missed this gem? Get your ass to Amazon streaming and buckle up for 5 seasons! Ha ha! Enjoy!

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And in the future, could one of you PLEASE step up and give a brother a heads up? Just a shout out saying, “Dude! Watch this one!” Could we do that, please? I’ll keep telling you all when I find good stuff too.

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2 comments on “‘The Expanse:’ The Best Show I Almost Missed

  1. Tim Colomba says:

    Whoa, Mike from Breaking Bad? They knew what they were doing throwing him in there at the end for all the skeptics, ha! Looks like fun!

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      You gotta watch. Am a big fan! Amazon prime baby!

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