OOF! ‘Shang-Chi’ Trailer Looks Like a Swing & a Miss

Right out of the gate I gotta say, I thought this was a new show for Disney Plus. Oof! Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings looks like a swing and a miss from Marvel Studios. Not that the production quality was bad. It isn’t. Not that the kung fu looked bad. It didn’t. I just found myself with a giant case of, “Meh…whatever.”

What am I watching? Why do I care? Why should I care? Oh no, the mafia boss’s son doesn’t want to be in the mafia business. Yawn. I give zero shits.

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Now you’re saying, “Oh no, man, it’s way deeper than that. The legend of the ten rings is deep!” OK…whatever. Maybe they should have shown some of THAT in the trailer. ‘Cause this trailer looked lame AF.

Here’s what it looks like to me: Marvel and Disney want a bunch of of that Chinese CCP money, so they dusted off a comic book character no one gives a shit about and did a movie because it’ll feature an almost all Asian cast. It looks like a giant case of begging for China’s approval and getting that market share at the same time. That’s what it looks like.

Do I want to watch a movie about some kung fu dude with daddy issues? No. Not really. Yawn.

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Granted, this is the first trailer. Maybe shit heats up in the next one. Maybe there’s something interesting that happens. I hope so. But the story of the kung fu kid that valet parks cars and dreams of being a DJ and that makes his daddy mad so he sends kung fu dudes in masks to kick his ass is a giant swing and a miss.

Prediction for the plot of Shang-Chi: Mafia daddy is at war with an ancient enemy. If they get the ten rings it’s the end of the world. <Yawn> Daddy has been protecting the rings and their secrets. (Actually kind of a good guy this whole time! Shock….) Bad guys kill daddy at end of second act. Kung fu DJ has new respect for daddy/family biz and takes over. Tada.

Really hope I’m wrong. But so far? Ooof.

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6 comments on “OOF! ‘Shang-Chi’ Trailer Looks Like a Swing & a Miss

  1. Lisa Kay says:

    I love this character, and my husband has been collecting the comics for years.
    The trailer looks fun to me, but I’m so worried they are going to screw this up “re-inventing” him to fit “modern sensibilities.”
    Hope I’m wrong.

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      I barely knew this guy existed. Hoping there’s more depth to this than what I saw in trailer. yikes

      1. Lisa Kay says:

        The old comics are just good cool martial arts fun…but then again the old Iron First was cool, too and look what they did to him (not a “Disney” Marvel series, but they still messed him up).

        1. Michael Loftus says:

          Oof! Almost forgot about Iron Fist. Tried to watch that on Netflix. Ouch.

          What are the ten rings? Rings of learning? Power? Multiple wives? For real though. What are they?

  2. Paul Hair says:

    I think you’re exactly right about Disney trying to appease / please communist China.

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      Yes. It’s the cinematic equivalent of kissing ass

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