Poking the Elephant

While writing about Greg Gutfeld’s new show, I touched on how we conservatives do enjoy humor even if it’s at our expense. In fact, we have to have thick skin to enjoy most comedy as it comes from the left side of the culture.

I asked some Twitter friends for examples of playful jabs at the right. And did they deliver! Here’s a round up of some humor at our expense through the years.

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The oldest recorded jab archaeologists could find is this gem from Miracle on 34th Street in 1947.

Hat tip to @StonerBrewingCo

Jumping to the Seventies, everyone’s favorite bigot and homophobe: Archie Bunker. It was only because of the nuanced treatment of political differences that All in the Family could work. Archie was from an earlier generation. His hippie foil, Mike “Meathead,” made for tense humor and meaningful social commentary.

hat tip to @RobertG30092230

The Eighties was, according to the culture watchers, the Greed is Good era. Ronald Reagan was president for almost the entire decade. It was a golden era for left-leaning comedy. My favorite was Family Ties and Alex P. Keaton. In many ways, the sitcom was like All in the Family as Alex had hippie parents. They were a loving family and Alex was the shirt-and-tie young conservative. Though the creators of the show were firmly left-wing, they found that Michael J. Fox’s character was well received by the American audience.

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The best thing they did was not to treat his character contemptibly but rather with a little dab of affection.

Reagan was super easy to parody. These clips speak for themselves.

Hat tip to @ddwalk34

Sprinkled in are dozens of quick quips in movies you’ve seen. The Naked Gun trio of Zucker, Zucker and Abrams didn’t bury their politics but it was clear who they supported. Fun aside, David Zucker became conservative. I have got to revisit this for another post.

And let’s wrap up with George W. Bush, with a quick snippet that never fails to make me laugh.

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  1. Paul Hair says:

    Babs did not fare well in “The Naked Gun 2 1/2.”

    1. Cranky Gordon says:

      LOL! No, she took quite a beating.

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