The Ring of Friends

What would you do?

Trina Burns has been wearing this wedding ring for more than three decades.

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If you knew that this happened to your colleague, would you go this far to help them?

From Fox KFYR in North Dakota:

“I thought I must not have put it on that morning. When I got home, I looked for a little bit and then I panicked a little and then started tearing everything apart,” she recalled.

She searched with no luck. The next morning, Trina called her colleague, Alyssa Hanson, and asked her to keep an eye out for her lost ring.

“You could hear how upset she was that she had lost her ring and she couldn’t find it,” said Hanson.

Burns was working from home and had no idea Hanson and three other colleagues were digging through every piece of trash in the dumpster outside their downtown Bismarck office. . . .

“We thought the garbage bags would be a little bit higher up, but I had to start diving in a little bit. And then there were a few I couldn’t quite reach so I decided to get all the way in,” he explained.

The crew looked through every bag of trash in this dumpster, without any luck.

“It was a bit of a defeat at the end of the day that we hadn’t found it,” Hanson admitted.

The next day, the ring showed up; someone came across it in a nearby parking lot.

“They found it in spot 23. I was parked in 24,” said Burns.

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Click over to Fox KFYR for the full story on the wedding ring.

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2 comments on “The Ring of Friends

  1. Mona "Moe" Monroe says:

    Those coworkers would get a good meal from me if that would have been my wedding ring

    1. Rebcca Cummings says:

      I agree! Snacks and Pizza, or whatever else they wanted!! Spoil them!

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