#CNNAnon — Catch the Fever!

The plague of misinformation is tearing the social fabric of our democracy apart. This is apparent as conspiracies that used to lurk in the shadows found fertile ground in weak minds, blossomed and spread their venom everywhere.

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I am, of course, talking about CNN. That “news” organization once represented by the gravitas-rich voice of James Earl Jones now reduced to peddling misinformation to keep Auntie Bertha tuned in long after her caretakers went to bed.

Let’s look at some of the top kooky assertions of #CNNAnon.

1. The Nathan Thurm: “I’m not a liar, you are.”

We’re not misinforming you, you’re just dumb!

2. The Remember the Maine: Media manufactured mayhem!

Sweet, sweet hysteria that keeps the sheep scared and firmly in the protective custody of the Democrats.

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Do we have extremists on the right? Yes. Do we have stupid people on the right? Indeed. But a CNN viewer would never believe that there is leftist-fueled antisemitism, violence or rioting.

3. The Winston Smith: “We’ve always been at war with Eastasia.”

Thanks to the 1619 Project, we’ve been treated to recasting of history in the service of whatever leftist cause needs it. CNN is glad to pass on any information that helps the cause.

4. The Balls on This Guy: “Yeah, that’s the ticket!”

5. The Big Lie, C’est Moi

Let’s finish big with CNN’s all-in approach to a conspiracy that’s too good to actually research. It has everything: Russians, collusion, dead soldiers, Trump and Putin!

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