Hunter Biden Art

By now you know that Hunter Biden has taken up a lucrative hobby: art. It’s a hobby that a SoHo artist can only dream about as they take a deep drag on their clove ciggy and curse the bougie world that permitted Hunter to leap to the front of the line. But unlike watercolors, acrylics or conte, Hunter is revolutionizing the art world by working in a new medium, which the French call laver l’argent. It’s known as “money laundering” in the vernacular.

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But that is not what this is about. The Management has expressed in interest in keeping Hunter Biden front and center in the the national discourse. Because even though the left-media would like it to not be so, the president’s son is a human travesty.

Since pictures are worth a thousands words, we felt that it would be best to share Hunter’s legacy in this 8,000 word gallery. Art is provided by @TheMorningSpew2 on Twitter, who is a master in her own right. Her primary medium is the pixel and she’s amazing. So without further ado, let’s proceed to the Hunter Collection.

Whether you’re entertaining connected Ukrainian businessmen or just that special Hooters waitress, we’re sure you’ll find just the right art piece for your $4 million dollar crash pad!

All paintings are exquisitely framed and matted. Protected by specially treated glass, all paintings are suitable for doing lines off of while you reminisce about the time you did blow off three hookers’ backsides!

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