The New Ellis Island…Is in El Paso?

Things got weird on the southern border during Kamala Harris’s visit (yes…she went) when Rep. Veronica Escobar started talking about the new Ellis Island. She was talking about El Paso….

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So, the new Ellis Island is El Paso? That’s quite the odd statement. Of course The Loftus Party and comedian Michael Loftus are gonna jump in with some jokes ASAP.

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Wherever a politician says something ridiculous, we’ll be all over it.

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2 comments on “The New Ellis Island…Is in El Paso?

  1. Paul Hair says:

    Great video!

    Movie Idea: A drama about Ellis Island that just focuses on America screening out all the prostitutes, criminals, idiots, and other Democratic voters. Character based on Rep. Veronica denied entry for being an idiot.

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      Hilarious! Would be a funny short too.

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