Joe Rogan Is Alive & That Seems to Have Some People Upset

Joe Rogan recently announced he had Covid. Then he announced he was aggressive in treating it. Now he says he’s better and that has some folks upset.

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The popular podcaster and comedian went full tilt in his attack on the Rona. They threw the kitchen sink at it. Can you blame him? Hell, no. Dude went with everything. Zinc, vitamins, antibodies and more. Rogan and his docs even used ivermectin. That’s when things went off the rails. See, Joe got better. So of course social media went into, “It’s a horse drug!” mode. Not, yay! Joe’s alive! Nope…they went with, “Ivermectin is a horse drug! Blah, blah, blah.”

The idea that there are versions of the same drug for humans and animals is just too much for them to grasp. Ivermectin is a drug for humans. Okay? They also give it horses. It is not exclusively for animals. Just wanted to say that for the record. They also have versions of penicillin for animals. But we don’t call it a dog drug now, do we?

Which brings me to my main point: I give zero shits what someone uses to battle Covid. I just want to know if it worked. Or does it offer any hope for treatment. That’s all. I don’t care if Rogan stuck a thimble of vinegar up his ass. Did it work?

Why is everyone shitting all over possible treatments? Remember HCQ? They ripped that stuff up one side and down the other. You’d get kicked off Facebook just for bringing it up. Now they’ve moved on to demonizing ivermectin. Why? Why not show some scientific curiosity? Are we not interested in treatments for Covid?

It feels as if we’re being told we have two choices: get the jab or die. That’s it. Jab or death. I’m still interested in treatments! Hopefully I’m not alone. As more and more variants pop up, won’t we need them? People in Israel are on their third booster of the vax. That seems like it’s gonna be a never ending merry go round. How about we investigate treatments too? Can we do that? Please?

I’m glad Rogan is alive and have no plans to make fun of anyone who beats this thing. I dig it. I’m down for anything. Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta put a thimble of vinegar in my ass. HA!

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