New ‘Witcher’ Trailer Looks Dirty & That’s Good [VIDEO]

Here we go. Netflix just released a new trailer for The Witcher. It’s season 2 time and things are looking better than ever. Meaning this season looks great.

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Of course it’ll be exciting and all that good stuff. We’ve read the books so we know what we’re in for. I’m talking about the look of the show. Evidently, someone finally convinced the wardrobe dept. to get the costumes dirty. As they should be. It bugged the crap out of me in season one. The costumes looked as if they just came back from the cleaners. It was odd. It’s as if everyone in the world JUST bought new clothes. Kind of took me out of the reality. However, that was the biggest beef with season one and it looks from the trailer as if they fixed it. Woo-hoo!

So, full steam ahead on The Witcher season 2! We are ready. It comes out on Netflix December 17.

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