Shock – Key Player in Debunked Steele Dossier Gave Thousands to Hillary

The shock in the headline was sarcasm. Just so ya know. Here we go. According to recent FEC filings, reported by Fox News, Charles Dolan has donated thousands of dollars to Democrat campaigns, including Hillary Clinton. Again…shock.

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Dolan is a PR executive who is the latest in a list of shady characters who pushed the famous “Steele dossier.” It gets more outrageous with each passing day. At best? This is politics at it’s very worst and should deeply trouble every American. That a small group of people can manufacture this level of bullshit, get the support of legacy media and the FBI, and then conduct a full blown investigation that arguably changes the course of this country’s future is beyond outrageous. It’s scary AF.

This is what they do to political candidates they don’t like. What will they do when they don’t like you? Do you have Trumpian amounts of money to prove you’re innocent? And here’s the kicker: I’m hearing that a lot of these Steele shenanigans might not be considered “illegal.” Oh, and also we’re supposed to believe that the FBI was “duped” into believing the Steele dossier. Yup. Those poor naive FBI peeps. So gullible.

We’ll keep posting updates as they happen.

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2 comments on “Shock – Key Player in Debunked Steele Dossier Gave Thousands to Hillary

  1. Linda Linn says:

    What????? The Steele shenanigans might not be “illegal”!?
    Do tell more about that mess in your follow-up.

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      It’s nutty! The legal analysts on Fox news keep saying things like “It’s infuriating… but not illegal” Fucking bonkers! I’m gonna keep my eye on this story. It’s legit infuriating.

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