The Week in Memes

These are dark times. With the November midterms looming, we’re witnessing some crazy politicking going on. Let’s look at the silver linings and the laughs.

A creature arises in Pennsylvania. Bearing promises of abortion, freeing felons and union handout, John Fetterman throws his hat into the ring for Senate. The Fetterman/Dr. Oz race is going to be a circus.

First up, NBC News/Comcast (a Philadelphia headquartered corporation) really wants Fetterman to get elected. So much so they are pretty much campaigning for him. Things got fun when Fetterman lowered his trademark hoodie and revealed… something.

What is that? Scroll down for the theories

Our now hyper-politicized FBI seems to be working overtime to serve as the DNC’s midterms strategists allegedly seized MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s cell phone this week.

What did they find? We may never know. But that doesn’t stop us from taking a couple of guesses.

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Meanwhile at HQ…

Let’s move on to the Main Attraction! This week was blessed by Governor DeSantis sending 50 illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard. Though the move generated a lot of heat – Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) are not directly affected – it also, finally got Biden’s effective open-door policy national attention.

The media bleating was delicious. Pre-packaged outrage complete with talking points were distributed and everyone who couldn’t give a crap about human trafficking last week were decrying human trafficking because they could pin in on a Republican.

Hypocrisy is the rocket fuel for memes. I’ll explain…

Any minute now…
Babylon Bee

And by special request – brilliant animations of life on Martha’s Vineyard before they were relocated to a local military base.

It’s worth clicking on the link, trust me.

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