This Andor ship is the dumbest thing in Disney Star Wars. (video)

Fan of Star Wars? Yeah? Well, guess what? Disney thinks you’re a moron. They genuinely seem to think that all they have to do is film shiny things and you’ll watch. It insults your intelligence. All I can do now is laugh. Disney can take a pretty good premise for a show and just wreck it with self-inflicted wounds and ridiculousness that I think they believe is fan service. Get ready for the dumbest shit ever from Disney Star Wars. They just do these stupid things because they think fans will believe it ‘looks cool’. Remember the Holdo maneuver? When Laura Dern took out a fleet of Star Destroyers by ramming them at light speed? Completely wrecks the lore of Star Wars but fuck it. Looks cool. Dumbass fans will love it. So shiny!

Here’s a promo for Andor. The series that shows us the beginnings of the rebellion. Great premise for a show. Unfortunately, the lead character is a dude who dies in Rogue One. I’m already out. Stop making show where we know how the characters die! It’s pointless. Zero dramatic tension when we already know the end! But nothing beats this little snippet of video. Ready? It would appear as if they slapped lightsabers to a ship. Yup. This little ship has lightsabers that pop out of the wings. Why? Because they think it looks cool. It’s the equivalent of welding giant swords on the wings of an F-15… it’s shockingly stupid. But hey… someone at Disney wants you to enjoy your brainless entertainment… so enjoy the eye candy dork. Stop thinking so much.

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