Media Matters for America vs. Tucker Carlson

Media Matters for America is an indirectly Soros funded media watchdog whose mission is to hate watch Fox News and throw chum out to their far-left audience. MMFA is what happens when maladjusted sociopathic lefties are given money and empowered to try and destroy conservatives. More often than not, they come across as petty, snarky and ineffective goth girls who think they’re the cool kids.

Today, they tried to do their worst and inadvertently made Tucker Carlson look even cooler than he was. They’ve come across leaked footage of Tucker Carlson.

I’ll let Tucker speak for himself. BTW, Matthew Gertz is the MMFA guy who told the teacher on you for passing notes. Likely got pantsed in PE too.

Banter with Piers Morgan
This must have stung.
And who doesn’t this homage to Bill O’Reilly?

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