The Week in Memes

Hey Loftites(?) Loftus fans! Time for another week in memes. Yours truly was on a road trip last week and couldn’t make it.

So let’s get caught up.

Ford motors is rolling out their Very Gay Raptor just in time for Pride month (just you wait for those memes) once again proving that American corporations are a little too focused on people’s genital and what they do with them.

Have you driven a Ford lately?

Why yes, we’re still shoveling your money to Ukraine, why do you ask?

Congresspersons love Zelenskyyyyys generous rebate program

Jordan Neely, the unfortunate, mentally ill man who was unintentionally killed while being restrained for violent and threatening behavior, was turned into a left wing martyr because they can’t resist the urge to canonize criminals and stoke race wars. His funeral was this week and all the media whores paid their respects.

White for crying at the border, black for crying at funerals
Rev. Al was there to campaign for Democrats, I mean eulogize Jordan Neely

Yes. Bud Light is still the butt of jokes. Now they’re getting it from both ends.

Trump, who is running for President if you haven’t heard, is targeting DeSantis. Which sometimes makes for strange allies.

And finally, a warning to people who still believe Disney Lucasfilm can make a decent film.

See y’all next week!

Acknowledgments to Davar Echad and Magills on Twitter.

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