Enjoy these Thanksgiving fails. Because you may be next. Here’s what to do. (video)

It happens. People fuck up mightily on Thanksgiving. Table break, turkeys are burned, casseroles get spilled in cars. The list of holiday fails is long, but the pain doesn’t have to last forever. Not sure about you, but the last thing I want is a jacked-up dinner story to be the stuff of family legend. A story that gets told over and over again year after year. Nope. Not into that vibe at all. So, here’s the key: Laugh. If your Thanksgiving goes off the rails? Don’t lose your shit over it. Laugh. Not maniacally but embrace the suck. Pivot and make a new memory as quickly as you can. Let that be the story. The turkey caught fire, dad put it out. We all laughed and ordered Papa Johns. It was crazy, but we had a great time. It’s that easy. For real. The trick is to not freak out. Don’t stand in the kitchen screaming “Nooooooo!” as you look at your freshly exploded yams. That’s a recipe for a decades long fail story. Be like the parents in a Christmas Story movie. Dogs ate the dinner and they made the pivot to the Chinese restaurant. If your thanksgiving goes sideways? Pivot. You don’t want to be in an epic Thanksgiving fail video. Like this one. Let’s hope they all learned how to pivot from this.

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