Activists attack Stonehenge. We want caveman justice. (video)

I’ve about had enough of this bullshit. So called activists attacking paintings, sculptures and historical sites. Enough is enough. Vandals have attacked Stonehenge. Why? I really don’t give damn. All I know is these attacks need to stop. And what stops morons doing stupid shit? Consequences. Yes, we’re talking about punishments. Punishments that fit the crime. In this case? Caveman justice. Let’s consult some historians and find out what they think a tribe of nomads would do to someone who broke the rules. Do we chop off a limb? Banishment from the tribe? Throw them into a volcano? What? Maybe some kind of permanent disfigurement? I’m open to any solution at this point. I’m just saying I doubt one of these idiots would commit this kind of crime again if they only had one hand left. It’s that simple.

I am on record as saying the punishment should fit the crime. I’ve done videos on this. Until there are consequences these attacks will continue. So, when idiots attack Stonehenge? Let’s let them know it’s not okay. Caveman justice is on the table.

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1 comment on “Activists attack Stonehenge. We want caveman justice. (video)

  1. Anita Saythis says:

    For the life of me I still cannot figure why these morons feel the need to ruin famous paintings, ancient statues, and now this prehistoric monument to protest climate change/oil production. I mean seriously. How do ideas like this even come to mind? Do these rejects hang out in their parent’s basement all day and scroll through social media platforms while getting stone, until some jackass comes up with the next shock-and-awe protest adventure? You can almost imagine how it went down.

    “Hey Todd, summer solstice is coming up in a few days, you want to go down to Stone Hedge to celebrate with the 8,000 visitors?” “Don’t be a dick Brad. That is so lame.” “But what would really rock and make us famous is if we brew up a couple gallons of orange corn starch paint and vandalize those caveman rocks to protest the production of oil and climate change.” “Yeah dude, that would be fricking awesome.” 💀💥

    Hmmm. Yep. The punishment should fit the crime. Paint them orange, lock them in a cage, and place the cage in a public mall or square for a few days. That will make a statement and shake some sense into them for sure. Wait! On second thought that might be too Mid-evil-ish… I say, to the volcano 🌋 with them. Enough already!

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