National Bikini Day 2024. We have minimal coverage. And great video.

Today is July 5th. National Bikini Day. This marks the anniversary of the beginnings of the two-piece wonder known as the bikini. It was 1946 when the bikini was introduced. It is a very important day. Second only to Independence Day in America. That’s why we do Independence Day on the 4th and next day is bikinis. You would think July 6th would be nude beach or whiskey day but that would be an embarrassment of riches. For now, let’s just be happy with the one, two punch of National party followed by bikinis. It’s a good thing.

Now, let us begin our celebration of the bikini. It’s National Bikini Day. We are compelled to discuss this wonderful swimsuit. The only thing we won’t do, is show you bad bikinis. That would be akin to a crime. You’re welcome.

As far as Bikini styles go? The black bikini is a must have, ladies. And get cheeky with it. Thong. Now matter what color you go with, get cheeky. It’s a bikini.

Now you’re thinking “But that’s Claire Gerhardstein, of course she looks amazing. What about the over 50 crowd?” Well, guess what smarty pants, that’s a thing too. Be confident. Do your thang. Rock a micro-mini! Check this out.

Bikinis are awesome. Life is short. Be you. Be happy. Hope you’re having a wonderful bikini day, you sexy savages! Now go get your buns in the sun. Even if your bikini fit in a matchbook like the original bikini back in 1946.

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