The Loftus Party Podcast #404: New Speaker of the House Reaction is Fantastic! UFC and Bud Light Love-Fest.

Oh, my goodness, we have one helluva sleep deprived episode of The Loftus Party Podcast for you this week. We are getting into all the news and more! There’s more info on the situation in Israel and how about we take a look at the new Speaker of the House? Who is this dude? Do we like him? And we’ll give you some behind the scenes insight in the Gutfeld show. There’s a ruckus brewing with the UFC and Bud Light. PLUS, RIP Matthew Perry! Give it a click and join Michael Loftus for this week’s episode of The Loftus Party podcast!

And the cool kids on Locals and Patreon get extras! Just saying. You should join!

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