From MMA to ‘The MandaLorian’ – Gina Carano [VIDEO]

Life is crazy and wonderful. You really never know where you’ll land. We dig that. We like stories about unexpected journeys.

Gina Carano certainly has a great story. From her start in Muay Thai and MMA to being the star of Disney’s The Mandalorian, what an incredible trip.

That’s what we dig about this video from Through The Years. You get to see the transitions. From fighter to movie star and all the projects in between. It’s inspirational, fun and damn sexy. (RELATED: Kate Upton & Aruba. Nuff Said. [VIDEO])

Gina recently had a little run in with the PC police on social media but we weren’t concerned for a second. Gina Carano can handle it. She’s quite a role model. Who wouldn’t want their daughter to grow up like Gina? Strong, capable and confident. What else could you want? She’s on a trajectory all her own and she’s doing just fine. Way better than fine if you ask us!

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