Didn’t Hear about Hunter Biden’s Emails? That’s because Twitter & Facebook Didn’t Want You To.

You should be afraid. We’ve crossed into a new reality and if we’re not careful, we’ll be stuck there. This new reality will be defined by Big Tech and Social Media Giants. Just look at what they did with the Hunter Biden story. They simply made it go away. Millions of Americans never knew it happened. Or they wrote it off as “Russian disinformation.” (RELATED: Hunter Biden in Trouble with the Feds? Who Knew? (Sarcasm))

Here’s a great piece from Forbes that really breaks it down.

There’s an in-depth look at how the media and Big Tech handled it. Or maybe we should say “crushed” it. Very scary stuff.

Now we know the Department of Justice indeed did have an open investigation into Hunter. This investigation goes back to 2018. That would have been nice to know. Pretty sure it would have changed a few votes. And that’s the big issue.

Who gets to decide who our elected officials are? We always thought the answer was We The People. It’s looking more and more like the answer is Big Tech and Social Media. A handful of elitists in Silicon Valley should not get to define our future. We the People should. Full stop.

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