Report: Facebook ‘Independent’ Fact-Checking Certifier a Hillary Clinton Supporter

Well…would this surprise anyone? Honestly. Would it? Here’s the clip from Sky News Australia. We’ll have more thoughts below.

So let’s put a teeny amount of faith in the reporting staff of Sky News Australia. Let us hope they didn’t come out with an exclusive like this without being able to back it up. Let’s hope there are some actual journalists on planet Earth and they’re all living in Australia.

This is a huge problem! You cannot have an agenda when you are the supposed arbiter of truth. Especially when it’s a truth that makes your side look bad. Worst case scenario you call it a lie. Or misleading. And you keep it off the platform. Does the Hunter Biden laptop story ring a bell? (REPORT: Didn’t Hear about Hunter Biden’s Emails? That’s because Twitter & Facebook Didn’t Want You To.)

Twitter and Facebook did everything in their power to keep people from learning the truth. Hunter is under a federal investigation. Boom. Has been since 2018. Might involve the whole Biden family. That’s fucking news. And the fact-checkers kept that news off of social media.

This cannot stand. This is yet again ANOTHER problem with fact-checkers.

Who’s watching the watchers? Where is the oversight? Who are the other people who sit on these panels that decide what is true? We want to know.

These people can swing elections. They can change the course of our future. There is just too much at stake. We need Congress to act now. This has evolved from a silly idea into a dangerous reality. It’s time to fact-check the fact-checkers.

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