Special Counsel Now! [VIDEO]

Is there any question about IF we want a special counsel or special prosecutor when it comes to Hunter Biden? We don’t think so. Let’s go! Special counsel now!

What are people waiting for? This is no-brainer. There is ample evidence that something super shady might have been going on. How much do you need? The laptop, the texts, the witness. If that isn’t enough, what is? (RELATED: Didn’t Hear about Hunter Biden’s Emails? That’s because Twitter & Facebook Didn’t Want You To.)

The special counsel is needed because Joe’s name comes up over and over again. This might have started as a Hunter problem but it has blossomed into a full blown Biden family matter.

Does anyone have faith that the FBI will truly do its job? Anyone? After what we learned about the FISA abuse I have zero. So let’s stop playing coy and get down to brass tacks. A special counsel is needed and it’s needed now.

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