Thoughts on Disney & ‘The Mandalorian’ (Spoilers)

You have been warned. THERE BE SPOILERS AHEAD.

So, I just finished season 2 of Disney Plus’s The Mandalorian last night. Or should I say Jon Favreau’s The Mandalorian. Let’s be honest, Jon Favreau saved the franchise. Disney was just smart enough to hire him. An actual person who CARES about Star Wars and the characters. Someone who can craft and tell a good story. That’s what was needed.

To call the last 3 films in the Star Wars Universe failures would be putting it mildly. Disney almost killed the most successful franchise in movie history. No easy task. You need to fuck up on an epic level. But we can discuss that later. We’re here to talk The Mandalorian and some really, really strong choices by Favreau and crew.

Last chance: spoilers ahead.

Here’s what we dug. There was a satisfying “end” to the story. Over 2 short seasons we watched a great story unfold, met some really interesting characters, reestablished the Star Wars Universe and came to an epic ending. And here’s the HUGE trick: while the ending was awesome, we want more. The writers left enough bread crumbs along the way to want more. Well done.

The Ahsoka Tano episode. Let’s go! Yup. She needs her own show. It’s on the way.

Boba Fett. Skadoosh! We’re ready for his mini-series. Let’s go!

The Mandalorian–Din Djarin–himself. Here’s what’s great about the ending of season 2. The way it develops the character of Djarin. This show is a throw back to the Man with No Name westerns and it works. That character is built on an anger and sadness of once having a family or joy and having it ripped away. Now our hero is on the outside looking in. He doesn’t want to risk getting hurt and is compelled to protect the people who still have the very thing he secretly wants. Family. Security. Home. Eastwood was a master of this. And The Mandalorian is getting there.

The biggest of big shout outs for the Luke Skywalker scene. Hey Disney, was that so hard? Let’s have the best person in the Star Wars Universe have a scene where he gets to show off his powers for good. Let’s do a scene where the most optimistic hero gets to do some shit here. Not try to kill a kid in his sleep. Not throw his lightsaber away. Not be an annoying old fuck. Let him be good. And let him be great at being good. That scene was fantastic and we’ve wanted that for years. From the fans: THANK YOU!

Darth Vader got his scene in Rogue One and now Luke gets HIS and it’s pretty fucking awesome. Here’s a fun little mash up. You need to watch Luke’s in all its glory and in the context of the show. TBH.

To the producers and writers of The Mandalorian: feel free to throw away the last 3 movies. Honestly. Don’t try to squeeze in that garbage as canon. It’s not worth it. Palpatine is dead. Darth Vader killed him. No Clone Emperor. No. Just let it go. Don’t need to meet baby Rey either. She gone. She’s nobody, remember? Ha! We can just play out the rest of The Mandalorian timeline and see what happens. I can almost guarantee we’ll like this reality better and IT will become canon. We want our Star Wars reality to be written by people who like Star Wars and The Mandalorian team does. (RELATED: ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ – Opening Scene [VIDEO])

I’ll save my criticisms for another piece. It seems petty to throw any shade at this point. HA! (I have some, though.)

Is The Mandalorian perfect? No. Is it infinitely better than the last trilogy? Hell, yeah. We’ll take The Mandalorian any day. Thank you to Favreau and team.

— The Mgmt

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