They Did Gina Carano Wrong

As a fan of Star Wars, I felt compelled to chime in on the whole Gina Carano controversy. This is an easy one: Gina is right and Disney/Lucasfilm is wrong. Tada.

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I will now proceed to lay out my reasoning in a pseudo humorous fashion. In no way, shape or form am I making light of The Holocaust. I am making fun of people twisting logic like pretzels to justify a firing an actress. Just wanted to be clear. Please continue.

This next part should be visualized as the opening scroll to a Star Wars film. Might be a tad funnier that way.

In 2021, Gina Carano put up a post comparing the current political climate to a rather horrible period of the 1930’s in Germany. To be any more specific would risk getting cancelled myself. So we’ll leave it at that. Something happened in the 1930’s into the 40’s and if you make comparisons to it? You’re done. (That seems to be the line Disney has drawn in the sand.) But Gina went there.

Her post was a kind of warning; just as people were ganged up upon during this horrible period, if you have a different political opinion today, you will also be ganged up on and those in power will feel justified doing so. Well, the powers that be decided to prove Gina wrong by ganging up on her and feeling justified.

She was promptly fired. Disney dropped her. Lucasfilm dropped her. The agency that represents her for work also dropped her. So…thanks for making her point, I guess. How was she wrong again?

And we should all be aware that her co-star in the Disney Plus show, The Mandalorian, Pedro Pascal also made the same comparisons of politics today and the 1930’s as well. But his are okay, I guess, because he was criticizing the “correct” target.

So, in summary, don’t compare modern politics to certain events from the past, like the people in power using that power to try and crush the vulnerable. Because if you do, the people in power will use their power to crush you. Any comparisons are completely absurd and should be thought of as a fireable offense. Seems about right. Right?

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