How to Become a Meme

So you want to become a meme? First of all, don’t. Nothing like seeing your mug doing and saying things you never intended. What, you insist? OK. I’ll take you through the process in three easy steps.

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  1. Do something silly or absurd. Celebrities get movies and lots of face time, which gives ample opportunity for memers to get their perfect moment. We plebes, on the other hand, have to make our moment.
Just having a bit of silliness.

2. Get caught in the act. What might have been intended for a bit of fun for your 300 followers could accidentally attract the press who happen to be where you are, say a little gathering called CPAC.

3. Memes ahoy! Whether they love or hate what you represent, people are going to be people and they’ll run with it. The key is to enjoy the ride because Warhol’s fifteen minutes ain’t what it used to be.

1 comment on “How to Become a Meme

  1. Michael Loftus says:

    This is so awesome. Could not love it more! HA! Congrats on achieving Meme status.

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