SoCal Heathens, Get to the Cozy Inn

Alright you sexy heathens, we have got a winner for ya. The Cozy Inn in Culver City. Something you need to know about us. We dig eclectic bars. Like, a lot. A Lot, a lot. Self-described “dive bars.” And we found you a great one right in the heart of LA. So come on SoCal heathens, get yo asses to the Cozy Inn. Grab a cold one and dive into some serious fun and shuffleboard! Did you see the interior? Shut up! This place is gonna be a blast.

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That’s Cozy baby!

Just like every small biz, the Cozy Inn has fought hard to stay afloat during the Wuhan and they are back, baby. Ready to sling some drinks and make sure you have a great time. So, let’s show ’em some love. Hop in an Uber and head directly to the Cozy ASAP. We think you’re gonna love the joint.

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This is just the start. Do you know of a great joint we should feature? What’s your favorite joint and what makes it special? We wanna know! — The Mgmt

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2 comments on “SoCal Heathens, Get to the Cozy Inn

  1. Rebecca Cummings says:

    Gotta love the FEMA ad on here … LOL but I do have a few places I would love to show you.. I just have to go there and get pics!

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      yes! we wanna know about ALL the cool joints!

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