How Jessica Nigri Made Her Mandalorian Costume

Cosplay looks cool. Great cosplay looks even cooler! So here’s some tips from one the best out there. Here’s how Jessica Nigri made her Mandalorian costume.

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We knew a lot of work went into these but dayum…that’s a whole ton of stuff going on. It’s not just throwing on some random crap and looking hot. There’s lotsa, lotsa work and problem solving. That’s honestly what makes cosplay so compelling for me. Sure, the hotness doesn’t hurt, but I am always blown away by the creativity of it. The creating something that doesn’t really exist aspect. It’s just cool as shit that people just jump in and figure it out. Especially with results like Jessica gets.

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Side note: I wrote a piece about the controversy over Mandalorian boob armor a while back. Still fully endorse boob armor. Know why? It makes sense!! It must make sense to Jessica too because she’s rocking it in her final piece. Tada!

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