Here’s the 13 ‘Conservatives’ That Voted for the Infrastructure Bill

So they talk like conservatives, they campaign as conservatives but when push came to shove, these 13 “conservatives” decided to spend a boatload of cash on lord knows what. Now, by lord knows what, we mean Biden’s “infrastructure” bill.

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Now normally, infrastructure means roads and bridges, but we all know there’s a lot more in this trillion dollar deal than roads and bridges. Way too much more. So, from where we’re standing, it’s not very conservative at all to vote for it. That’s truly the frustrating part in all this. Why vote for something that you know is bullshit? Why encourage the very thing you claim to be against? It’s disgusting and people don’t dig it.

We all want safe roads and bridges. Everyone. Every last person in America would support actual infrastructure. Would that cost a trillion dollars? Hell, no. So what was just passed? What kind of bullshit are we paying for when we are already up to our eyeballs in debt AND inflation is on the rise? Everything about this bill stinks to high heaven and for a “conservative’ to vote FOR it? It’s inexcusable. They gotta go. You say you’re fiscally conservative, so start acting like it!

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