Rittenhouse Trial Updates. Questions About The Video Now!

We’ve collected some links to what we think are some of the more newsworthy Kyle Rittenhouse trial stories.

Had to update with the latest. There’s trouble brewing over the video that the prosecution showed in closing arguments. Also new questions from the Jury over where they can watch the video. And guess what? The Judge is not pleased. Not pleased at all.


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In all fairness we should you know where we stand on the whole matter. I find myself incredibly old-fashioned, I guess. When the Rittenhouse event happened I took a step back and decided to see what the facts were before spouting off on social media. Glad I did. Wish more people would have. This insane rush to judgment does no one any good. That’s where I’m old-fashioned. The whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing. We need waaaay more of that.

So, here’s my hot take as the trial winds down: Innocent. If this isn’t a case of self-defense? I don’t know what is. Everything else is silliness. I may write more in the future. Not sure as of now, but chances are I will. There’s just too much for right now. This is a series of links to Rittenhouse stories in the news.

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